Baltimore Aquarium
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Baltimore Aquarium

Tired of the cold weather and miss the life Aquatic, well come join us on March 23rd for a dive inside the Baltimore Aquarium. We Will be diving in the main tank of the aquarium for about 45 minutes in warm 75 degree water. Finally you can be on the "other side of the glass"! We will be heading down to the inner harbor (meet time at the shop 7am) and going exploring the aquarium before our dive (entrance fee to aquarium not included) . We then get a pre-dive session and and in water session followed by a hot shower. For those interested we will be having dinner in the inner Harbor (also not not included in the cost) and then drive back home that evening.

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Equipment Check Classroom - (For Trip)
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Equipment Check Classroom - (For Trip)

“I have too much equipment” —- Said no diver EVER!!!

But, maybe we should take a look at what you have, what you use, and what you need…

Also, do you know “why” you have certain items and “where” they are"?

If we were to place your gear in a “line up” would you be able to identify it…. Blind folded???

I just love the integrated weight pockets on these new BCs that people dive with…..But, if you were diving with a buddy that had this type of gear, would you know how to dump them???

To thine own (dive gear) be true, and it must follow, till though canst be false to any (diver)”…..William Shakespeare (Who knew he was a diver???!!!)

Lets talk…

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